Attending to the marketing & media needs of your small business. Whatever you need to bring your product fully into public awareness. Anything on your “to do” list that you wanna do better, bigger or more simply, but just can't seem to find the time to tackle.  Together we will find creative, timely and thrifty solutions to your marketing concerns.

Here are some ideas:  I can give your existing website a "facelift", get rid of the old, add the new.  You might consider a schedule of regular updates to make sure your presence is always current with new products, pics and articles.  Or if you are a musician, I can keep your gigs and tours up there and send out your press, post to social media etc.  Pretty much anything that takes you away from being creative or doing the work you want to be doing I can help you with.   Talk to me and I promise, I can find a way to help you get back to being hands on with your passion.

I am also available to help you strategize your next move.  I know how to grow a small business on an even tinier budget. I know how to plan for your new product roll-out or set up your first trade show or what works on social media and what is a waste of time.  This stuff isn't rocket science, it's people connecting to you, wanting what you have and wanting to part of something.  I know how to get there.   Let's talk.    


Website development,design,
creation and maintenance
Short or long term projects
Social Media campaign
Product copy writing and editing
Press releases
Ad campaigns
Trade Show prep
Just ask.